The Living Choir

The Living Choir, under the leadership of choral director Kristian Bach, sing a broad range of songs in Danish, Swedish, Slovak, English and German. Listen to their live performance online or find a spot on Borgergade in Copenhagen and hear the choir’s songs over the rooftops of the city!

The Living Choir

The Living Choir is a highly ambitious youth choir comprising of  25 singers aged 17-21.

The core of the choir is composed of former students from Langelands Efterskole, where the choir’s director, Kristian Bach, was a former music teacher. The choir is based in Copenhagen and holds rehearsal in the church of Rigshospitalet.

The repertoire is a blend of rock/pop, older as well as more recent music, and a great deal of a cappella. The choir’s trademark is their astonishing energy and joy of singing which never fails to engage the audience.

In celebration of The European Day of Languages 2020, “The Living Choir” is performing on the roof of Borgergade 12 in Copenhagen on:

Saturday the 26th of September 14:30-15:00

Come into the centre of Copenhagen to listen to the choir, or listen online! On the 26th of September, we will post the link to live streaming here on the website.

Program for the day:
  • Undantag (Swedish)
  • Aká si mi krásna (Slovak)
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You (English)
  • Viva La Vida (English)
  • Komm süßer Tod (German)
  • Buster (Danish)
  • Hymne (Danish)

Du you want to join?

Click here - it's a link to Zoom.

Please digit these numbers:

ID: 993 2153 8804
Password: 260920