The European Day of Languages (EDL) in Denmark

Language is great for your health! It strengthens many of the brain’s activities, such as memory and concentration and even creates new nerve cells and connections.
So, come celebrate The European Day of Languages in Denmark and be healthy with us!

The European Day of Languages in Denmark

Giulia talks about the Italian language

Giulia talks in Italian about the many things you can use Italian for. There are tips and tricks. Giulia tells in Italian, and there are Danish subtitles.


Teresa talks about the Spanish language

Dos cervezas, por favor! Teresa talks about all the things you can do when you can speak Spanish. Did you know that there are 21 Spanish-speaking countries where you can dance tango, flamenco, salsa and bachata?


Maike talks about the German language

German is the mother tongue of many people in the EU. It's a structured and precise language - and it's much more than grammar. Hear Maike talk about the language and about the Germans.